New Autorefraction Technology! The SVOne Ships Out

3…2…1… and the SVOne Launch is a Go!

Smart Vision Labs is thrilled to announce that our new autorefraction technology, the SVOne smartphone autorefractor, has shipped. The first units are making their way to optometrists and ophthalmologists across North America.

new autorefraction technology
Check out some of our “landing” sites!

  • Red markers are SVOne devices distributed in the United States
  • Yellow markers are our international partners
  • Blue flags are SVOne mission trips and field screenings

We’ve seen some impressive reactions so far.

new autorefraction technology
Check out this comparison of the SVOne’s output with an OD’s final prescription results from the day before!

The SVOne has also been exploring new territories and making new friends!

new autorefraction technology
One of our launch partners was so excited to receive his new device, he couldn’t wait to get to the office the next day to start refracting!

Several SVOne units are already hard at work. We’ve been to Cambodia, Italy, Ecuador, India and more. Dedicated and compassionate individuals, armed with the SVOne, are advancing access to quality vision care.

Lillian Pravda, the incredible 15 year-old founder of Vision For And From Children, recently returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic. Thanks to the accuracy of the SVOne, her team was able to use the SVOne to match and distribute glasses to hundreds of children.

new autorefraction technology

“Smart Vision Labs is going to change the way ophthalmic care is delivered not only in developing regions around the world, but in the U.S. in underserved communities as well. Vision for and from Children is going to spearhead that! This cutting-edge device will enable individuals, who would otherwise not have access, to have the care they deserve.”

Amazing stories like Lillian’s drove us to innovate this new autorefraction technology. We love hearing about what dedicated individuals can do with the ultraportable SVOne.

The SVOne is smartphone-based and this means boundless opportunity for growth and development. The insight provided by our early adopters is invaluable to the continued enhancements of the device. We encourage everyone to keep an eye on the feature to come.

We thank you all for your continued support. We can’t wait to share more about this extraordinary mission.

One of our Launch Partners gives the SVOne a go in her clinic!