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Self-Guided Vision Exams have Arrived

After launching the SVOne in March 2015, we learned a tremendous amount from our users’ feedback. Our users — medical professionals who perform refractions in a wide range of clinical and nonclinical environments — love the portable size and accuracy of SVOne, but the learning curve of using the device has been challenging for some customers. For our second generation product, we decided to conduct a major design overhaul and make the device truly easy to use. Today, I am proud to introduce you to the brand new SVOne Pro autorefractor.  

Our mission here at Smart Vision Labs is not just to build the best refraction technology, but to provide truly convenient vision exams to consumers in every corner of the globe. To do this, we leveraged the power of mobile computation, precision optics, and connectivity to introduce you to the world’s first fully automated self-guided refraction technology: SVOne Enterprise.

Interested in learning more? Register to participate in our upcoming webinar series. Events will take place March 1st at 1pm EST and March 2nd at 8:30pm EST.


SVOne Pro

The biggest challenge for SVOne user was that there is no direct way to find the pupil during refraction. To solve this problem, we added an open view channel so the operator can see patients’ eyes directly with the SVOne Pro.

The SVOne Pro is intuitive, precise, and fast. The updated software acquires data automatically when it detects the pupil. The device acquires three images of each eye and produces the final refraction by averaging the three images. The measurement range has been increased significantly from SVOne: the sphere range is -14 to +14 diopters, and the cylinder range is -7 to +7 diopters. The new measurement ranges cover 99% of the population’s vision testing needs.

SVOne Pro marks a new frontier in the autorefractor market by providing vision care professionals the most powerful refraction device in a truly portable format.

SVOne Enterprise

SVOne Enterprise is a self-guided vision testing station. The voice-guided software helps consumers go through the refraction test in a fully automatic fashion. The connected software sends refraction data and the consumer’s personal information to a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud. Vision care professionals can provide follow-on service if needed by evaluating the data at any location.

SVOne Enterprise plays a crucial role in providing convenient vision exams to consumers in settings such as retail, pharmacies, hospitals, workplaces, and schools, while also delivering vision care to the underserved population around the globe.

Interested in learning more? Register to participate in our upcoming webinar series. Events will take place February 23rd at 8:30pm EST and February 24th at 12:30pm EST.

Yaopeng Zhou, Ph.D

CEO and co-founder, Smart Vision Labs