Vision Care and Beyond - SVL's 2015 Year in Review

2015 Year in Review

2015 was a year of many firsts for Smart Vision Labs. We have grown and learned a lot along the way. Below are just some of the highlights of 2015. Thanks to those who joined and us and contributed to this journey to provide vision care to the world!

# of Refractions: 30,000

# of Employees: 17

SVL Locations: New York City, Princeton, Boston, Seattle

US States where our partners are located: 45

Countries where our devices have traveled: 24


svone world map

The SVOne is being used across the world with new pins popping up every day



Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam featured Smart Vision Labs as an example of how technology can change the world.

verizon ceo linkedin vision care



The first SVOnes were shipped to launch partners!

svone new product autorefractor vision care


CEO and co-founder Yaopeng Zhou spoke at the Vision Monday Summit about how smart technologies are changing the patient experience within eye care.

Read more in Vision Monday: Smart Technologies Reshape the Patient Experience



NY Tech Day 2015

SVL participated in NY TechDay. There were more than 10,000 people in attendance and the team did hundreds of demos through the day. It was an amazing opportunity to connect with a great community of more than 400 New York startups.



Empowering Access Through Social Enterprise

Throughout the year SVL and our partners travel the world on service trips to provide vision care in remote and underserved areas. We wrote about the power of the social enterprise model to care in a two-part blog post.

Part I

Guatemala vision exam eye exam vision care

Part II

Guatemala kids vision exam eye exam new glasses vision care



We raised our Series A funding!

After a culmination of months of work the SVL team announced our $6.1M Series A funding, led by Techstars Ventures. TechCrunch and Forbes wrote about it.


Bringing Eye Exams To The Palm Of A Doctor’s Hand, Smart Vision Raises $6.1 Million


Smart Vision Labs Raises $6.1 Million To Spread Cheaper Phone-Powered Eye Exams



NY Tech Meetup

yaopeng zhou marc albanese ny tech meetup technology vision care

The SVL team presented at NY Tech Meetup, demoing our technology for over 700 tech enthusiasts and refracted dozens of excited New Yorkers.

Check out some of the photos from this great event.


Also, Fast Company featured the SVOne

fast company eye doctor autorefractor vision care



Women in Ophthalmology

Yaopeng was invited to speak at the Women in Ophthalmology conference.



company retreat smart vision labs

The team recharges on Long Island during our yearly team retreat.



VOSH Partnership Launched

ecuador eye exam svone vision care

Smart Vision Labs launched a partnership with VOSH to donate one autorefractor to an SVOSH chapter for each ten sold. These devices will travel the world on service trips with these SVOSH chapters.

Read more about the partnership in Vision Monday.



First School Screening

school screenings kids vision exam svone autorefractor vision care

The SVOne is a remarkable asset to school-based vision screenings. Making these screenings fast and easy for schools will expand access to vision care. In October we piloted a process for screening students at a school in Long Island. Read about or process and the results on our blog. We continue to screen students in the New York area as part of our education initiative.

Know a school we can partner with? Email us!



Clinical Study

A new study published in the December issue of Optometry and Vision Science – the Journal of the American Academy of Optometry demonstrates the accuracy and utility of the SVOne. This study compares our device to our peers and legacy technology and the SVOne shines!



141eyewear Partnership

vision care nyc new york

In support of our education initiatives we have partnered with 141eyewear. 141 donates one pair of frames for each pair that is purchased. The donated frames are in the same style as the ones purchased, meaning that the most popular glasses are the ones that are most commonly donated. Through SVL’s school screenings we are able to connect these frames to children and teenagers in need of glasses.