Vision care for school children in Omaha

Vision Care for School Children in Omaha

This week Verizon launched its See Better = Learn Better Mobile Vision Program partnership between Smart Vision Labs, OneSight and SUNY Optometry to provide free vision care for school children across Omaha.

Over the next two years, these partners will work together with selected school districts to evaluate the impact of mobile technology (specifically the SVOne autorefractor by Smart Vision Labs) on improving the accuracy and efficiency of vision screenings performed by school staff; and measure student achievement gained by providing quality vision care (a comprehensive eye exam and glasses if needed) to students with failed vision screenings during OneSight Vision Clinics held at schools. – Vision Monday

Smart Vision Lab’s Medical Science Liaison, Dr. Huy Tran, was on hand to train staff on the SVOne Enterprise.

vision care for school children

A growing number of studies by the American Optometric Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Prevent Blindness and others confirm the scope of the problem:

  • Eighty percent of learning is visual, yet one in four students in the United States has an undiagnosed vision problem significant enough to impair their academic performance.
  • Even when vision problems are identified during screenings conducted at schools, 67% of students do not receive the necessary follow-up eye exam or glasses.
  • As a result, as many as 90% of students who may need glasses do not have them. This is an even greater issue for children from poor urban areas, many of whom are ethnic minorities and experience more than twice the normal rate of vision problems.
  • The economic costs of children’s vision disorders are significant, amounting to $10 billion yearly in the United States.

Vision care for school children is essential. The ability to see well has profound effects on literacy and STEM learning. With this partnership, school will establish vision care centers across Omaha. Expanding care beyond the optometrist office, this technology can bring vital vision services to a wider range of patients than ever before.

This round of screening provided more than care and prescriptions to students. This week students were also given free glasses to take home courtesy of OneSight.