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Will Self-Guided Vision Tests Make a Trip to the DMV Easier and Faster?

Some people hate going to the dentist. Others are afraid of flying. And some folks even say they would rather die than make a speech in public.

But there’s another experience that lots of people dislike even more than any of those . . .

Going to the Motor Vehicles Department

Even though computerization has reduced overall waiting times in most DMV locations in many states and even allowed some renewals to be handled online, a trip to the DMV is still something that many people dread, for reasons like these . . .

  • After you show up to renew a license and wait in line, you don’t have three or more forms of personal identification. It’s time to go back home, pick up your passport, a utility bill, and other documents. Then it’s time to head back to the DMV.
  • You’re buying a used car but when you get to the DMV, the computers indicate that you can’t, because the person you are buying it from still owes money on a loan. (Before you can buy your new wheels, that loan has to be paid off.) So it’s time to resume your search for your next car.
  • You arrive at the DMV and are told that you have to take a vision test before you can obtain or renew your license. This is happening in more and more states. In New Jersey, for example, licensed drivers are required to have a vision test every 10 years that determines that they have 20/50 visual acuity in at least one eye, with or without corrective lenses. Off those drivers go, frustrated, to find a vision lab that can do the test for them. Then it’s time to head to the DMV . . . again!

There Is a Better Way

Some states are trying to make it easier for drivers to find locations that provide vision exams. If you visit the Website of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, for example, you will find an online directory of DMV approved providers in New York City where they perform vision exams. If you live in Manhattan, one facility is located in the headquarters of our own Smart Vision Labs at 335 Madison Avenue (near Grand Central Station between 43rd and 44th Street). You can walk in, take a Smart Vision Exam and be on your way back to the DMV in 5-minutes.

And Things Are Going to Get Even Better

Although going to the DMV will probably never be an experience that drivers look forward to eagerly, all of us at Smart Vision Labs think that it is going to be a lot more pleasant and faster in the next few years. Since we are working with many new locations to offer the 5-minute vision test . Plans are moving ahead to have our self-guided Smart Vision Exams available for use in eyeglass stores, big-box retailers, and other convenient locations. The result? If you need a vision test, you can get one quickly, with no need to make an appointment ahead of time.

Will You Fall in Love with the DMV?

Well, maybe not. But we are working hard to remove at least one obstacle – the need to get an eye test ASAP – from the list of frustrations. We wish you shorter waiting times, clearer vision, and happier driving in the years ahead.


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