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Get an Eye Exam During National Eye Exam Month

Back in 1989, Sears designated August as National Eye Exam Month to encourage parents across America to schedule back-to-school eye exams for their children. In the years since, other businesses and organizations, including the American Academy of Opthamology, have begun to support the idea that when the calendar page turns to August, it’s time to schedule an annual eye exam.

Why National Eye Exam Month Is a Good Time to Schedule a Vision Exam

If it has been too long since you or members of your family have had a vision exam, why not make August your month to get one? If you’re thinking that your eyeglass prescription still seems to be giving you clear vision, that’s great.

But don’t forget that there are plenty of other reasons why it is important to have your eyes and your vision checked regularly, because vision exams . . .

  • Improve student performance – Are you in school? Do you have children who are in school or in college? If so, getting a vision exam should be one of your school and back-to-school routines.
  • Reduce or prevent headaches – Even if your eyeglass prescription still brings objects into sharp focus, it could still be causing headaches if it is not correcting astigmatism. Again, a vision exam should be a regular routine.
  • Make people better drivers – People who see better and wear the right eyeglasses are better drivers, and more comfortable drivers too. During your vision exam, ask about which kind of lenses would be best for you when you drive – graduated lenses, lenses that correct only for distance vision, or something else.
  • Detect more serious eye conditions while they are still small – An exam can detect problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and detached retinas. As a result, it is often possible to prevent such conditions from becoming more serious.
  • Uncover other health problems and diseases – Although the purpose of a vision exam is not to screen patients for non-vision health problems, general vision and eye exams do sometimes result in the discovery of health problems such as diabetes. So the message is, an eye exam should be part of your overall health routine.

Why Not Schedule a Vision Exam Today?

Get your vision tested during National Eye Exam Month by taking a 5-minute Smart Vision Exam. Find one of our premier providers near you.*

*The American Optometric Association recommends a comprehensive eye exam every two years.