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Why Prescription Eyeglasses Are About to Become as Convenient as Off-the-Rack Reading Glasses

You know the story. You have a parent or older relative who really should have a vision exam and get prescription eyeglasses. But when you suggest the idea, the only answer you get is, “Why? All I need is a new pair of reading glasses from the drugstore.”

Or maybe you’ve fallen into that way of thinking too? You really should have a vision exam and get prescription eyeglasses, but it is just too easy and quick to buy a pair of magnifying reading glasses.

That Is About to Change . . .

Thanks to the introduction of self-guided 5-minute Smart Vision Exams, getting a prescription for prescription eyeglasses is about to become nearly as convenient and fast as running into a Walgreens or CVS and grabbing a new pair of “readers” off a rack. You’ll visit a facility that offers the Smart Vision Exam, self-guided test in just a few minutes, and get a prescription that you can have filled in a matter of hours at an optical store.  And if you have done your Smart Vision Exam in an optometrist’s office, you can get your prescription filled there right away.

What advantages do prescription eyeglasses offer over off-the-display reading glasses? There are many, but let’s review here . . .

  • Correction for distance vision, if needed.
  • Analysis and correction of astigmatism and other distortions that simple magnifying reading glasses cannot address.
  • The availability of bifocals, graduated lenses and other modern options that make glasses more effective and comfortable.
  • Proper fitting of lenses into frames so that they are correctly positioned over the eyes.
  • More comfortable eyeglass frames that are fitted by a vision professional.

There Are More Advantages Too . . .

When you take a Smart Vision Exam, the results of your vision test are reviewed remotely by ophthalmologists and optometrists who will inform you if your test disclosed any issues which you should have address by going to an ophthalmologist for a full eye health exam.

You won’t ever get those important alerts if you buy reading glasses and never undergo a proper vision examination. Thanks to Smart Vision Labs, your access to an individual vision exam is about to become dramatically faster and more convenient. To experience the next wave of individual eye care find one of our premier provides near you.

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