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How Would Describe Your Last Vision Exam?

Having your vision examined should be a positive experience, but many people put off their checkup because they have concerns or objections. If any of these statements reflect your thoughts, let’s see how the technology of Smart Vision Labs can make your next vision exam your best vision exam.

“I don’t have time for an eye exam*.”

Can you spare five minutes? Yes, that’s the amount of time it takes for a 5-Minute Smart Vision Exam. During this brief time, you will answer a few simple questions about your eyes and overall health. Your eyes will be scanned and a few photos taken of each eye. The results of the exam will be reviewed by a licensed eye doctor and you will get the results through e-mail within 24 hours. Five minutes for a vision exam is time very well spent.

“It’s so hard to schedule an appointment with my eye doctor.”

If you visit a provider who uses the Smart Vision Lab technology, you don’t need an appointment. By making vision exams easier and more accessible, people can have their eyes checked at their convenience. There are no long waiting times or juggling work or school schedules to make an appointment. This is eye care as it should be: quick, convenient, and available when you are.

“I don’t have a record of my past prescriptions to monitor any changes.”

Sometimes patients feel obligated to buy eyewear at the same place where they received an exam. Often, a person has to ask for their prescription so they can shop around for frames and lenses. When you go to a provider that uses Smart Vision Lab technology, you will have a permanent record of your prescriptions. You will have a password-protected web portal that will hold this information for you. This gives you freedom to shop around for the style of glasses you really want, at your convenience and within you budget.

“I don’t know if I am getting the correct prescription.”

If you need glasses, you need a vision exam and the right prescription to help you see better. Sometimes, people wonder if the eye doctor prescribed the correct or best prescription. The idea of human error may factor into the patient’s thinking, especially if there is an adjustment period with the new lenses.

Providers who use the Smart Vision Lab technology rely on an accurate assessment of the eye through technology that was developed for LASIK. The test involves capturing the movement of light back and forth through a person’s eye. Essentially, this provides data on the mechanics of vision and determines nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This information is then sent remotely to a licensed eye doctor who will evaluate the results and prepare a prescription. This type of testing combines technology in an objective manner and reduces the chance of human error or bias.

Vision exams are evolving and offering patients convenience without sacrificing thoroughness. Past objections to scheduling an exam should be viewed within the new models of vision care. There’s no need to suffer with less than perfect vision. Find one of our premier providers near you today.

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*The American Optometric Association recommends a comprehensive eye exam every two years.