Join the future of vision care


Everyone deserves to see their best, but the current system is inconvenient and inaccessible for many. Smart Vision Labs’ innovative refraction technology brings telehealth into focus. Come join us to provide more convenient access to better care.
Our Solution
Patient gets vision exam at our partner locations utilizing SVOne Enterprise smart refraction system
Physician reviews patient history and refraction data in our cloud to provide final prescription
Patient and partner locations receives a digital copy of their prescription to purchase new glasses
Provide patient care anywhere, any time
Flexible Schedule
Work at your convenience, whether that’s before or after work, at home, or on the go
Cutting-edge Technology
Be at the forefront of healthcare by participating in our innovative telemedicine platform
Extra Income
Get compensated for every patient you review
Work With Us
If you’re a board-certified physician interested in exploring telehealth, we’d like to connect with you. Tell us about yourself and we’ll be in touch.